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Self Portrait - Oil on Canvas - 24 x 18 inches.


I believe in the power of the visual arts to bring the intangible ideas of one’s imagination into reality. By tapping into the creative process of the imagination, we create not only what we need, but explore and build what we dream. All art and design reveals the magic of the human consciousness and our ability to take action through creating and transforming the world around us. This inspires me to explore the many realms of the world and human experience through the visual arts.

My technique and design work are influenced by the masters of the Renaissance. I work with vibrant colours, graceful lines and shapes that are aesthetically pleasing. Although art is subjective to a certain point, I firmly believe that the artist’s job is to communicate beauty to arouse the visual senses, therefore evoking the viewer’s amusement, awareness and insightfulness.

The goal of my practice is to create projects that inspire the development of the audience’s emotional intelligence (EI), following the 3 ‘E’s: Entertain, Enlighten and Elevate and the 3 ‘I’s: Interest, Interaction, and Innovation. Through the interaction between my work and those who experience it, I strive for the co-creation of entertaining projects that generate interest, build awareness, and bring viewers to an elevated state of consciousness.

“Our lives are the brushes,
nature is the palette,
the planet is the canvas,
and the world is the unfinished masterpiece.”

Christiano De Araujo.